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 Update 25.01: two members gone, one new member

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PostitaminePealkiri: Update 25.01: two members gone, one new member   Teis Jan 25, 2011 8:12 am

One of our best players through the time, NEP-EasyPwn is not a member in NEP anymore. Reason: clankick due to presuming and arrogant behavior/patronizing attitude.
Thanks for well played wars and good luck with new clan(s).
Also NEP-Snoopie aka Reliciano left. I haven't heard any direct reasons, but it's his decision. Again, thanks for what you've done; I hope you will grow up and won't be so impermanent in future, also I hope you will be successful in your new clan(s)!

But an old member is back again! :


Welcome back and I hope you will stay longer this time! Wink

Also I'd like to say it was good to have some other wars than 8ball lately (snooker and 9ball), hopefully we'll repeat 'em again many times. Snooker rocks!

That's all for now.

Gracias por su atención,

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Update 25.01: two members gone, one new member
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