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 Application Rules.

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PostitaminePealkiri: Application Rules.   Püh Okt 18, 2009 7:55 am

What should you write in application:
- Name, age, country
- Current Playray nick
- Ex-Clans & Nicks
- What would be your nick in NEP
- MSN or ICQ
- WoP Account (Nick)
- Why do u want to join NEP

If u have done your application, you must play with at least one of the leader. We don't do like most of the clans, that you have to play with all members. If you're good enough, you have to play only with one leader.

If you're accepted, make a nickname with NEP tag and add leaders in MSN. We prettymuch don't use ICQ, so we prefer MSN.

If you...
a) cheat
b) behave impolite with other clanmembers/players
c) are inactive without letting us know

...then you will be kicked (without warning maybe).
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Application Rules.
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